About the Collections

Comprised of nautically-themed pieces, the YachtWear Collection is for the woman who boldly announces "I have arrived" without saying a word. Whether disembarking from a luxurious yacht, browsing through ocean side boutiques or enjoying the sunset from the balcony of her Virgin Island villa, the YachtWear Collection is sure to turn heads wherever water and luxury collide.

The Monroe Collection draws inspiration from the era of the fifties and sixties. Curvaceous pinup goddesses such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor each captivated a conservative brand of class creating sophistication by understanding how showing less skin is often more stylish than leaving nothing to the imagination. The allure these sirens created em-blazed their iconic beauty in American culture forever; forever glamorous, forever beautiful, forever young.

As the name suggests the Safari Collection offers a variety of animal prints such as white and black python. Bold yet beautifully embellished, these edgy suits are for the confident, sexy woman.